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别样风情:CIGE 2009中的东南亚地区画廊(英)

世艺   别样风情:CIGE 2009中的东南亚地区画廊(英)

CIGE Press Release

March 3rd 2009, Tuesday

CIGE 2009 South Korean Gallery Inventory

March 3rd 2009, Tuesday

As one of the countries that followed up the trend of international contemporary art, Korea attracted the attention all over the world with its diversity in contemporary art. Playing the role of the backbone of Asian contemporary art, Korea ultimately won the market along with the long-term preparation as Japan and Southeast Asia. Nowadays Korean artists are acting very vigorously worldwide, meanwhile Korean galleries merging together with ones in other countries to create a broader communication sphere for international contemporary art.

13 Korean galleries are to participate in the forthcoming CIGE 2009, except familiar names such as Arario, Gallery 2, Artside, Wellside, Keumsan Gallery, and Issue Projects, with new looks for the exposition, several Korean galleries, which are new to Chinese audiences will join in CIGE 2009 as well, for instance, Juliana Gallery. They will bring the exposition with new strength.

Founded in 2007, Gallery 2 will come to CIGE once again, to showcase the new designing works meanwhile continuing the display of Dongi Lee and DonghyunSon who particularly excel in Carton style. Born in 1971, Jackson Hong from Gallery 2 finished his master degree in Visual and Industrial Design at Seoul National University in 1999. He went to Cranbrook Academy of Arts Addition in Chicago for master program of the 3D Design and won the international scholarship granted by Stuttgarter Akademie Schloss Solitude. Jackson Hong successfully held his forth solo show Design for the Real World at Gallery 2 in 2008. For all the time, Jackson Hong conveyed the mixture of the unease of design and the reality via his works. On the one hand, he showed that the designing works wished to impact upon the world through their future and inestimable value which has been quite often limited by economy and politics. On the other hand, his works tended to present consumers and users’ longing for the beautiful life ahead. Design changes people’s life.

Located at the best spot in ‘Jiu Chang (Liquor Factory)’ in Beijing, Arario Beijing is a branch of the Korean gallery Arario. Not only does Arario Beijing offer international contemporary art experiences, but also has the responsibility to aid Asian artists stepping onto a broader stage. Here, Arario developed a lively and creative platform for the equal dialogue on contemporary art between the East and the West.

In this year, Gallery Artside will not only bring sculptures and installations created by Park Seung Mo and Lee Jae Hyo, but also paintings on canvas by Hiroshi Kobayashi and Zhang Gong. On the contrary with sculpturer Park Seung Mo, interpreting emotions with Aluminum threads, who once won the prize for Newcore Art Competition and the Sculpture in the Korea National Arts Contest, Lee Jae Hyo preferred extracting his inspiration from more austere materials. In Japanese artist Hiroshi Kobayashi’s paintings, dolls were placed in a fantasy space, emitting a crystal-clear child pleasure. Zhang Gong’s work, Noya, led us into a huge community of carton idols who always appeared in our childhood dreams.

Wellside Gallery interpreted the notion of classic in Korean art through a series work of Park Seo-bo called Ecriture in 2008. However, they performed a sudden turn in 2009 to focus on Mapping Asia project, which focuses on young Asian artist. Hee Jung Yoon, the young chosen one of Wellside, graduated from Department of Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting in Parsons School of Design in New York. He just had his first solo show Story of Stones in Wellside Gallery in Korea last year. Highly interested in the nature, Hee Jung Yoon thought the nature generously granted human beings sunshine, air, water, and endless lenience, yet never demanding any reward. In CIGE 2009, he will present the exhibit titled Forgotten Sense, which places over 20 carved tone sculptures and three movies, to express the idea of the infinite nature.

Keumsan Gallery was first found in Seoul’s Seocho-dong, Korea in 1992, with an inaugural exhibition by the contemporary Korean art. In 1997, it moved its venue to Jong ro district of Soeul and held the retrospective exhibition of Rosemarie Trockel to commemorate the move. Keumsan Gallery mostly focuses on exhibiting contemporary art, performance, installation, media art, sculpture, and prints. In September 2005, Keumsan Gallery moved again to Heyri art district until today. In May 2007, Beijing Keumsan Gallery is found, located in the Kufang Art City, inside Huantie. Keumsan Gallery looks to discover and nurture young talented Chinese artists, and bring them into the International arena, thus to push forward make its contribution in contemporary art exchange among China, Korea and Japan, and the development of contemporary Asian art. The opening exhibition of Keumsan Gallery is named as ‘Interaction’. In the same year, the new space of Keumsan was established in Tokyo, Japan, and Korean artist Jin Jun’s solo show was taken as the opening ceremony. This move indicated that Keumsan gallery has stepped forward for the communication of Asian art.

As the representative of those galleries who participate in CIGE for the first time, Juliana has a 28-year history. It was established 1980 and at the very beginning Gallery Juliana showcased a series of solo shows and group shows of most influential Korean artists in 20th centuries. Entering 1990s, Juliana focused on international art masters such as LeWitt, Tapies, and Warhol, and curated a succession of exhibitions. At the same time, Juliana introduced the latest global trend into the restricted Korean art at that time, paved the way for the new development of Korean art exhibitions. In the recent decade, Juliana frequently showed up in serious art exhibitions to improve the international communication and enlarged the impact of the gallery worldwide. This April, Juliana will bring two pieces of artworks created by the master of Pop Art Andy Warhol named Kiku and Queen Beatrix of Netherlands respectively to CIGE 2009.

Previously existed as the Ci-Gongua Gallery, the new form LEEAHN Gallery was founded in 1993. For 16 years, LEEAHN has been cultivating Korean indigenous art meanwhile investing international art communication and establishing its significant status in contemporary Korean gallery circle. It held the solo show of Andy Warhol and a retrospective show of Nam June Paik respectively in March 2007 and March 2008. Besides, LEEAHN Gallery was planning to showcase the Damien Hurst’s solo show on 20th March 2009, which is believed to enrich the Korean contemporary art. At CIGE 2009, except masterpieces from virtuosos, LEEAHN Gallery will present works of young artists as well. In fact, discovering and promoting emerging artists has been the recent tendency of LEEAHN Gallery. On the pass of the Wood and This Way Out respectively come from Korean young artist Lee Woo Lim and American artist Lisa Ruyter. The main stage in Lee Woo Lim’s painting depicted the forest, staircases, and a gate, in the contrast between light and darkness, sky and woods, man and woman, monochrome and full-color floral patterns. His work was steep in a longing for mystic power and magical imaginary. Lee encouraged viewers to enter his weird space and the boundary between reality and unreality. Works of Lisa Ruyter, who created new images from extremely ordinary scenes such as audiences watching a sport game and cheering, a central park, or an ordinary street view, showed how distinctive genres such as painting, drawing, photo, and film coexist in a frame.

Located at the South Gate in Dashanzi 798 Art Zone, Gallery-Space Da was founded in September 2007. Ahn Malhwan and GUWooshin, represented for Gallery-Space Da, will showcase respectively a painting named Tree-Conversation, and a mixture media work called Seeing is not always believing. Ahn Malhwan conveyed a new possibility of modern art through novel and fashionable way of painting, and the inner side of Korean lyricism and trying to communicate the relations of everyday life of human beings with an image of the woods and trees in nature by extremely simplifying the material civilization-oriented modern times on the traditional drawing art-based plane with a theme of tree-conversation. GUWooshin completed his new work Seeing is not always believing in the medium of Aluminum upon two dimensions construction. The work stemmed from feelings and emotions during his conversion from an atheist to a pious person who cast religions after the adolescence, reflecting his spiritual response to ‘the lower part’.

Gallery MI YOUL, named after the inspiration of perfect proportion, absolution of art and science, ideal zenith of the beauty. The composition of Gallery MI YOUL comes from diverse background, including sculpturers, painters, media artists, designers, engineers, mathematicians, and physicists, who interpreted art in their minds with different languages, along with the pure pursuit of beauty as Gallery MI YOUL. Prominent designer Eui Joo LEE won numerous prizes for his achievement, for instance, IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Awards) 3 DOME in 1998, 2007 KIDP: Industrial Design Competition, Prize from Chairman of Korea Trade Association , 2007 IF Award: Design Award-Digital Bidet BA-11 by Woongjin Coway (International Design Competition). In his installation named Return to Analog Relaxation, vivid butterflies and flowers on those 12 pages of a fan originated from the famous painter Nam Gyewoo who belonged to Joseon period in Korea. This piece of artwork is the only perfect fusion of Nam Gyewoo’s oriental painting and modern digital visual language.

Before Gallery I AM ART was born, it was a salon for French culture in Hongik University in Korea. I AM ART officially opened in January 2007 in Seoul, and it followed the ideas at salon times to encourage art creativity and enhance the international art communication. Ranging from painting to different media of artworks, I AM ART has a broad sphere. The thought of discovering new artists and supporting their performance is an unchangeable belief for Gallery I AM ART. Lee Jin Ju and Lee Hye Seung are two outstanding young artists. One depicted tiny objects and characters in an elaborate and realistic manner, providing viewers more pleasure when they found more narratives after prolonging the observation. The other connected the surroundings with all kinds of frames, such as window frames, door frames, forming a harmonious scene of inner and outer space. She created a brand new world through her own feelings by painting the scenes and overlapped lines of vision that were seen through windows or gaps.

Gallery Miroonamu, founded in 1999 in Gyeongsangbuk-do, was devoted to discovering emerging artists with highly potential and promoting the cultural communication, actively responding significant art events such as KIAF, CIGE. Gallery Miroonamu is also the member of Korean Gallery Association. The establishment of branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore is under preparation at present.

Gallery YI SU was founded in 2006 in Daegu, Korea and it has been participating enthusiastically in various international art expositions to encourage the communication among galleries, artists and the whole world since the start. Meanwhile, Gallery YI SU assisted young artists to gain a larger space to display their talents through international auctions and exhibitions. Gallery Sejul, owning two floors at Pyung-Chang in Seoul, Korea, has participated in CIGE in 2006 and 2007. Gallery Sejul, once capsized previous western aesthetic criteria by Olran exhibition, will be at CIGE this year once again with a sheer surprise for viewers. From Arario to Gallery Sejul, from the senior to the younger, regardless of age, Korean galleries will definitely add more attraction to CIGE 2009.

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CIGE 2009


China World Trade Centre, Beijing No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing, China

As one of the leading contemporary art exhibition in Asia, the six editions of China International Gallery Exposition, CIGE 2009 will be hold in China World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, during April , 2009. CIGE 2009 will present 80 selected outstanding galleries from all over the world. Moreover, CIGE will also present special art projects, including MAPPING ASIA, which is a Solo Show focus on young Asian artists, video artistic project named VIDEO LOOPS, not-for-profit art project SUBLIMINALS, and a new project called INTERNATIONAL SOLO SHOWS, which will invited established oversea artists to live in Beijing and work towards the realization of site-specific projects.

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